Celtic Vaporizer
Celtic Vaporizer
Celtic Vaporizer


„Vaporizer (from Latin, vapor = steam) is an instrument used to change a substance from a liquid or a solid state to a gaseous state using heat. It is used in aromatherapy and sometimes also in conventional medicine as an alternative method for delivering active substances. Most natural can be vaporized (definition: a drug is the dried aerial or underground parts of a plant). Any medicinal plant containing volatile substances – oils, essential oils, and resins – can be vaporized. The drug or oil of following plants is suitable for vaporization: sage, mullein, hemp, chamomile, mint, lemon balm, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, sandalwood, wild rose, and many more. They are vaporized at temperatures between 170 ° C and 260 ° C, and the substance is then inhaled directly into the lungs; the vapors coming through a vaporizer are cool. The drug never burns or even smoulders; it is heated only to below the point of combustion, and only some of its components vaporize (the easily volatile ones) along with water. So it does not produce carcinogenic tars, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. Therefore vaporizers can be used not only for medicinal purposes but also as a healthier alternative for smoking tobacco or hemp. Various types of vaporizers exist, from large tabletop devices intended for home use to smaller, pocket-sized devices. Most vaporizers are electric, while some use a butane lighter as the heat source."


Celtic Vaporizer fully meets this definition and, moreover, has many advantages over other vaporizers but also some disadvantages (see below), mainly due to the fact that it is made entirely of natural materials. It consists of a hardwood body, whose surface is treated only with beeswax, and an external spiral-shaped heat exchanger made out of copper tubing, which is connected to the “heart” of the device: a vaporizing chamber that is easy to fill and close. The Celtic Vaporizer is heated by the flame of a tea candle.


In addition to the classic model with one coil, we also produce a model with two coils called the Celtic TURBOvaporizer. This device is heated by two tea candles and its air-flow capacity will satisfy more demanding users who prefer a rapid intake “at full lung” as opposed to a series of short tokes.



After sufficiently heating the coil over a tea candle (according to the herb being vaporized and the preference of each user), you can use the device for about two minutes. It only requires suction to warm the air in the copper tube, which draws heat into the vaporizing chamber, where the heated air comes into contact with the drug or oil dissolved in a carrier. The released substances enter into the respiratory tract of the user and then through the lungs and mucous membranes into the body. At first, the sucking action should last a minimum of 10 seconds in order to properly heat up the material being vaporized. Further tokes, following in rapid succession, can be of shorter duration. Realistically, however, the best procedure is to suck hard to achieve the desired strength or taste and then to toke in a more leisurely manner, just enough to maintain the temperature in the vaporizing chamber. As always, the principle of “practice makes perfect” applies here.

The main advantages of our product over others are:

  • Independence from electrical current and from modern civilization generally.

  • The possibility of using other heat sources such as hot coal (at your own risk, of course).

  • Easy transport, storage and maintenance.

  • Relatively long service life when several principles are applied, relating mainly to the properties of the natural materials (see disadvantages).

  • Absolute certainty that the material being vaporized will not burn, smolder or degrade, whether during operation or at rest.

  • Aesthetically pleasing with a completely original appearance; natural and handmade.

  • An alternative, natural method of using medicines and drugs.

  • Excellent effect and enjoyment of herbs.

Its main disadvantages are:

  • The hazard of a heat source and ignition in open spaces.

  • Consequently, the need to use the device in a more intimate environment and among those familiar with its use.

  • The need to use it in a windless environment.

  • Temperature regulation depends mainly on the subjective feeling of the user.

  • Temperature regulation depends on a complex combination of the following factors: environment (mainly wind), the type of candle and flame intensity, the speed and rhythm of intake, and the moisture content of the material being vaporized.

  • In some applications, where it is necessary to achieve temperatures above 200° C, there may not be sufficient cooling of the air before entering the mouth, which can cause discomfort and unhealthy drying of the mucous membranes. This problem can be easily resolved, however, by immersing the mouthpiece in water or fitting it with approximately 20 centimeters of silicone tubing.

  • Inattention to the height of the flame can lead to sooting of the heat exchange. While this has no effect on the function of the device, it is necessary to carefully clean it after use so that the blackening does not cause damage to clothing or other items made from porous materials.

  • The need to “rest” the material. Given that the temperatures at the contact point of the copper tubing and the hardwood body can degrade the wood during intensive use (several people using the device almost continuously), it is necessary to let the vaporizer cool down (roughly after each candle) in a place that is not too dry. The wood can degrade more easily if it dries out completely. There is little likelihood of this happening with normal use by a smaller number of people.


This device is only an instrument of delivery and neither the manufacturer nor the distributor is liable for the results of its indiscriminate use. In the interest of protecting the health and property of the user, please follow the instructions and recommendations for its usage presented above.

This device is intended only for persons over the age of 15 who are able to consider its use logically.